Planning Application (take 1)

So, we have the motivation and ambition to try to build a sustainable home.  We have been following this field for several years.  We have done endless research.  And, after two years searching we have a location.  Then, after four months of design, modelling, redesign we have a planning application.

We thought that building a sustainable home would be welcomed and strongly supported.  Unfortunately, this feels like the most difficult part so far.  It shouldn’t, but it does.

This is a pretty modest and sensible project and home.  But, being sustainable it is built to modern techniques and uses modern materials to achieve the performance required.  And, this is where we seem to be hitting small local problems.

We thought that people would embrace the thought of a sustainable house.  But, it appears that not everybody is ready or sees the urgency to do something to better the environment.  This is the stage that we underestimated.

This does re-emphasise the need for increased awareness.  In the whole scheme of things, the feedback to our plans are mostly cosmetic.  But, we are hitting some red-tape and as with all planning applications, and change generally, we are getting some push-back / opposition to the planning application.  We are trying to find some middle ground, where we address the aesthetic concerns and still deliver a sustainable and viable home.

So, at the moment, we still have a fair way to go to win people over with the benefits and it is not a simple task to make this happen.

If anybody reading this would like to support this application, I’m sure your feedback would help show that we are not the only people that want to do something positive.  Please leave a comment by clicking “Support Us” above..

All positive feedback helps increases the chances of making this happen, and demonstrates the support across Merton & the UK for making the world a greener place.

Fingers crossed, this will be a little blip and all will be well.  We are really excited to hopefully get this project moving, to learning and sharing our experience with others, and probably most importantly raising awareness.  We want to develop this Blog, in conjunction with Sustainable Merton, to share progress and hopefully help other similarly minded, and ethically driven, people.

Watch this space.  If you would like to contact us directly to see how else you can help, please use the contact link at the very bottom of this page.


One thought on “Planning Application (take 1)”

  1. Hello Dean
    I read about your plans in the Sustainable Merton newsletter and we discussed them this morning at Green Coffee. There was a lot of interest and a couple of questions.
    1. Has a planning application been submitted?
    2. Where is the proposed house going to be?
    We’d be grateful for this information which I’ll include in the report on the Green Coffee meeting. Thanks

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