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We have set-up this blog to (hopefully) share our experiences and ultimately help others realise their ambition to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

We are in the embryonic stages of building a sustainable home.  The purpose of this site is to explain why we are doing this, how we are doing it and to document and share our experience with likeminded people.  We hope that in doing this we will encourage others to take similar actions to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes.

One of the most memorable quotes that I have heard on the subject of climate change was a few years ago.  Since having children, this it probably our greatest driver for trying to make a difference.

“I think if you had to look in your grandchildren’s eyes and say ‘I knew that it was going to happen [climate change] but I didn’t bother to do anything about it’ – that would be a terrible thing.”

David Attenborough, “The truth about climate change”

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There is still time.  But the next few years are critical.  If we miss our chance the future could be very grim indeed.  It feels deeply unethical to do nothing!


One thought on “Merton Sustainable Home”


    Great idea, best of luck with the planning permission.

    The planers should be encouraging this not not being negative,Ethan’s your not building on a flood plane which landers seem to approve !
    Our local planners won’t allow me to fell tress to enable me to install solar panels …How negative is that ?

    Best wishes,

    Paul Henry Brinklow.
    Camberley, Surrey.

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