Sustainable Merton


Buildings contribute about 43% of all the UK’s carbon emissions. Technology exists today to drastically reduce this, but this requires changes at many levels and commitment and actions to make this happen. There are no quick fixes.

We want to take action and reduce our carbon footprint by building a sustainable house. A house that has almost no energy demands, but that fits in as far as possible with the surroundings.

But, awareness to the issues of climate change and the need to reduce Co2 are unfortunately not a priority for everybody and are outweighed by some in favour of more traditional houses.

The reality we face by doing nothing is really rather grave. We would like to demonstrate that there is support from like-minded people to take action and sooner rather than later. We want to share our experience and help make a positive change. What we are doing is not radical, but it is a little different to the status quo. Attitudes need to change and that is why we need your support.

Please show your support by signing the list below. Every single name makes a huge difference.

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